Jameleon - Open source automated testing harness for acceptance-level and integration testing, written in Java. Separates applications into features and allows those features to be tied together independently, in XML, creating self-documenting automated test cases. These test-cases can then be data-driven and executed against different environments. Easily extensible via plug-ins; includes support for web applications and database testing.

CheckStyle - Open source tool for checking code layout issues, class design problems, duplicate code, or bug patterns.

Java Development Tools - Java coverage, metrics, profiler, and clone detection tools from Semantic Designs.

AppPerfect Test Studio - Suite of testing, tuning, and monitoring products for java development from AppPerfect Corp. Includes: Unit Tester, Code Analyzer, Java/J2EE Profiler and other modules.

QEngine - Platform independent Test Automation tool from AdventNet for Java Application Functionality, Java API, SOAP, Regression, and Java Application Performance testing, as well as Web Functionality and Web Performance testing. Developed using Java for portability and multiple platform support (Windows, Linux, and Solaris).

GJTester - Java unit, regression, and contract (black box) test tool from TreborSoft. Enables test case and test script development without programming. Test private and protected functions, and server application's modules, without implementing test clients, regression testing for JAVA VM upgrades. Useful for testing CORBA, RMI, and other server technologies as well. GUI interface emphasizing ease of use.

qftestJUI - Record/playback test tool from Quality First Software for creation, execution and management of automated Java/Swing application tests. Includes a natural user interface, scripting capabilities, and a component recognition algorithm that takes into account a variety of attributes. Recorded GUI elements, user actions and associated data are automatically integrated into an editable tree view reflecting the hierarchical structure of the application's GUI. Extensive documentation.

Cactus - A simple open-source test framework for unit testing server-side java code (Servlets, EJBs, Tag Libs, Filters, etc.). Intent is to allow fine-grained continuous testing of all files making up an application: source code but also meta-data files (such as deployment descriptors, etc) through an in-container approach. It uses JUnit and extends it. Typically use within your IDE, or from the command line, using Ant. From Apache Software Foundation.

JUnitPerf - Allows performance testing to be dynamically added to existing JUnit tests. Enables quick composition of a performance test suite, which can then be run automatically and independent of other JUnit tests. Intended for use where there are performance/scalability requirements that need re-checking while refactoring code. By Mike Clark/Clarkware Consulting, licensed under the BSD License.

Koalog Code Coverage - Code coverage analyzer for Java applications from Koalog SARL. Includes: in-process or remote coverage computation, capability of working directly on Java method binaries (no recompilation), predefined (XML, HTML, LaTex, CSV, TEXT) or custom report generation, and session merging to allow compilation of overall results for distinct executions. Integrates with Ant and JUnit.

Abbot Java GUI Test Framework - Testing framework by Timothy Wall provides automated event generation and validation of Java GUI components, improving upon the very basic functions provided by the java.awt.Robot class. (Abbot = "A Better 'Bot'). The framework may be invoked directly from Java code or accessed without programming through the use of scripts via 'Costello', a script editor/recorder. Suitable for use both by developers for unit tests and QA for functional testing. Free - available under the GNU Lesser General Public License

JUnit - Framework to write repeatable java unit tests - a regression testing framework written by Erich Gamma and Kent Beck. For use by developers implementing unit tests in Java. Free Open Source Software released under the IBM Public License and hosted on SourceForge. Site includes a large collection of extensions and documentation.

jfcUnit - Framework for developing automated testing of Java Swing-based applications at the UI layer (as opposed to testing at lower layers, for which JUnit may be sufficient). Provides recording and playback capabilities. Also available as plugins for JBuilder and Eclipse. Free Open Source Software from SourceForge site.

JBench - Freeware Java benchmarking framework to compare algorithms, virtual machines, etc. for speed. Available as binary distribution (including documentation), source distribution, or jar file.

Clover - Code coverage tool for Java from Cenqua. Fully integrated plugin for NetBeans, JBuilder, and other IDE's. Seamless integration with projects using Apache ANT. View coverage data in XML, HTML, PDF, or via a Swing GUI.

JCover - Java code test coverage analysis tool from Codework Limited. Works with source or compiled files. Gathers coverage measures of branches, statements, methods, classes, file, package and produces reports in multiple formats. Coverage difference comparison between runs. Coverage API provided.

reView - Java source code visualization tool from Headway Software. Reverse engineer and automatically lay out and view code, components, and dependencies for Java, C, and C++ applications. Shows all dependencies, at all levels and between all levels; method, class, package, application.

Java Tool Suite from Man Machine Systems - Includes JStyle, a Java source analyzer to generate code comments and metrics such as inheritance depth, Cyclomatic Number, Halstead Measures, etc; JPretty reformats Java code according to specified options; JCover test coverage analyzer; JVerify Java class/API testing tool uses an invasive testing model allowing access to internals of Java objects from within a test script and utilizes a proprietary OO scripting language; JMSAssert, a tool and technique for writing reliable software; JEvolve, an intelligent Java code evolution analyzer that automatically analyzes multiple versions of a Java program and shows how various classes have evolved across versions; can 'reason' about selective need for regression testing Java classes; JBrowser class browser; JSynTest, a syntax testing tool that automatically builds a Java-based test data generator.

JProbe Suite - Collection of Java debugging tools from Quest Software; includes JProbe Profiler and JProbe Memory Debugger for finding performance bottlenecks and memory leaks, LProbe Coverage code coverage tool, and JProbe Threadalyzer for finding deadlocks, stalls, and race conditions. JProfiler freeware version available.

Krakatau Professional for Java - Software metrics tool from Power Software includes more than 70 OO, procedural, complexity, and size metrics related to reusability, maintainability, testability, and clarity. Includes Cyclomatic Complexity, Enhanced Cyclomatic Complexity, Halstead Software Science metrics, LOC metrics and MOOD metrics. Has online advisor for quality improvement.

OptimizeIt - Profiler, thread debugger, and code coverage tool suite from Borland (formerly from VMGear).

Jtest - ParaSoft's Jtest is an integrated, automatic unit testing and standards compliance tool for Java. It automatically generates and executes JUnit tests and checks whether code follows 400 coding standards and can automatically correct for many.

DevPartner Java Edition - Compuware's (formerly NuMega) debugging/productivity tool to detect and diagnose Java bugs and memory and performance problems; thread and event analysis, coverage analysis. Integrates with several Java IDE's.

VTune - Intel's performance tuning tool for applications running on Intel processors; includes Java support. Includes suggestions for optimization techniques.

Sun's Java Test Tools - As of February 4, 2000 Sun discontinued accepting orders for these products.

TCAT for Java - Part of Software Research's TestWorks suite of test tools; code coverage analyzer and code analysis for Java; written in Java.

(Note: some other tools in these listings also handle testing, management, or load testing of java applets, servlets, and applications, or are planning to add such capabilities. Check listed web sites for current information.)

Java Test Tools
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