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Windows XP/2000 SP3+
This browser renders the Web as a 3D city of display windows, each showing a different Web site
Surf multiple Web sites within one browser window with Acoo Browser, a multi-tabbed Internet browser based on the Internet Explorer engine. The program includes many advanced features such as Mouse Gestures, syntax-highlighted HTML source viewer, Web page analyzer, recoverable Popup Blocker, Ads Filter, script error suppression, Cleaner, URL Alias and Integrated search engine suppor
98, 2k, Me, XP, 2003
This is an Internet Explorer-based Web browser with multiple subwindows (tabs) in a single browser window. It also offers a built-in automatic pop-up window stopper, online activity eraser, and options to block images, videos, sounds, ActiveX components, and multiple windows management. It is also skinnable
98, NT, 2k, Me, XP, 95
With this browsing companion you can clip and collect the content you care about from different Web sites you visit into your own personalized pages. These pages can be saved as Web-based favorites, shared with anyone as a single link and set to automatically refresh as often as you like
2k, XP
Improve your Internet surfing with this tabbed Web browser. Cayman Browser incorporates a large collection of features: it can speak, translate and open multiple Web pages at the same time. The program features Web site status, power group, incredible search, flash animation filter, Web site scan, links filter, cookies management, multi-language translation, mouse gestures, built-in popup killer, auto-fill forms, drag-and-drop support, voice engines, skin, safe recovery and URL monitor window.
98, 2k, Me, 2003
This IE-based Web browser enables you to maintain your favorites using the Web-based user interface and copy and paste technique, integrated with local directories, local webs, RSS readers, multi-search engines, volatile and persistent caching, a tabbed user interface, a pop-up blocker, a whitelist, a blacklist, and a records cleaner
98, NT, 2k, Me, XP, 2003
This is an Internet browser with a built-in collection tool that lets you browse the Web, and collect any thing that interests you. It also includes a built-in media player that allows you to listen to your favorite music or to watch a movie while you are surfing.

The browser allows you to view multiple Web pages in the same window or tabbed windows. You can create groups of pages and open them by group. You can also control popup windows and JavaScript errors. it provides a content filter with password protection and a user definable search engine. It will also purge temporary Internet files and clear histories and cookies.

The collection tool allows you to highlight and drop items into a playlist for later viewing and printout. It also includes a reading tool that highlights text directly in the page that you are reading. You can collect all images, and audio and video files in a Web page and automate the process of downloading files from the Web.

The media player allows you to listen to an view files in the corner of your display while you are surfing the Web. It provides a playlist. You can also view Web pages and images in a slide show

98, 2k, Me, XP, 95, 2003
This is the newest version of Internet Explorer. It includes enhanced Explorer bars, integrated instant messaging, media playback and automatic picture resizing.

98, NT, 2k, Me, XP
This Web browser includes a sidebar with a number of tabs that link directly to stock quotes, chat messengers and personal links. It provides multiple mail accounts and identities, integrated AOL instant messenger, privacy tools, an interface composed of XML, XUL, CSS and Javascript, and provides integration with RealPlayer, WinAmp and Net2Phone
98, NT, 2k, Me, XP
This Internet browser provides an e-mail client with spam-blocker, IRC-compatible chat, newsreader, RSS newsfeeds, integrated Google search, pop-up blocker, mouse gestures and keyboard shortcuts
98, NT, 2k, Me, XP, 95
Built around human-to-computer interface behavior, Voyager is a Web browsing interface designed to provide the fastest and most enjoyable Internet navigation experience possible using both conventional and unconventional navigation techniques
98, NT, 2k, Me, XP, 95
This Internet Explorer companion provides pop-up blocking, Web form filling, user login data storage, cache cleaning, recent windows, temporary folder and recycle bin cleaning, POP3 mail monitoring and specific Web site restriction
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