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WinZip is the original ZIP file utility for Windows. It enables you to quickly compress and decompress files,

folders and entire folder trees to save storage space and reduce e-mail transmission time. It will also encrypt and decrypt your sensitive documents.

For those who are infrequent users of ZIP files, the Wizard interface provides simple, step-by-step guidance. For those who are comfortable with ZIP files, the WinZip Classic interface has everything you need.

WinZip features AES encryption and support for 64-bit extended format. You can use it to zip, unzip and one-click zip-and-e-mail directly from Windows Explorer or My Computer. You can use WinZip to automatically install software, desktop themes and screen savers

contained in ZIP files, to find ZIP files, and to access recently used ZIP files and other WinZip features from the Windows taskbar tray.

The new version 10.0 adds:

Two Versions Standard and Professional. Both versions are made available in one distribution file. Functionality is determined by either a Standard or Professional registration code

Explorer style view Navigate your Zip files in the familiar Explorer-style view, making it much easier to work with large, multi-folder archives

Improved compression Significantly reduce the size of your Zip files with two new compression methods which can provide greater compression

WinZip Job Wizard Automate your repetitive tasks in WinZip 10.0 Pro and easily backup data sets, archive important documents, or distribute information to others. You can even move your valuable data off site by using the included FTP functionality

Zip to CD or DVD One step Zip file creation and CD or DVD burning in WinZip 10.0 Pro

NOTE: Note: WinZip 10.0 is not a free upgrade. If you are a registered user of a previous version of WinZip and install WinZip 10.0, WinZip 10.0 will not be a registered version.

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This program allows users of Microsoft Outlook to zip and encrypt attachments when sending messages. The companion can be configured to automatically zip your attachments, ask whether or not you want them zipped, or let you zip and attach files manually with just a few mouse clicks. Toolbar and menu items allow you to control functionality on a message-by-message basis, and sensitive attachments can be protected with the same AES encryption found in WinZip 9.0.
98, NT, 2k, Me, XP
This batch archiving utility includes it's own internal ZIP64 compatible format and also supports WinRAR, 7-ZIP and WinZip, giving you complete control over your archives. Once you've added all your folders and selected your archiving options, you can save them to a profile which can be loaded and executed or scheduled via Windows Scheduled Tasks
2k, XP, 2003
This program allows you to recover lost or forgotten passwords to ZIP, ARJ, RAR and ACE archives. The program supports the customizable "brute-force" attack, dictionary-based attack, known-plaintext attack, and guaranteed recovery for most WinZip archives. It supports strong WinZip encryption (AES). The interface has multilingual support.

98, NT, 2k, Me, XP
Browse, copy files from and to archives just like any regular folder. Drag and drop, copy and paste files to and from the archive folders. Perform all archive tasks without leaving Explorer, including converting archive types from one to another.

Create any archive type from the 28 available with a single right click. Create and e-mail multiple archives of different types. Extract multiple archives with a single right click. Drag and drop files onto archives to add them to the archive.

The plug-in based product ships with 10 plug-ins that have full support for 28 archive types and extract support for 47 archive types. You can add support for new archive types by installing their plug-ins.

The product also contains 4 stand-alone archive applications - command line, wizards, WinZip style and a professional archive studio.

Whenever you use Outlook to compose and send an email, any attachments you add will be automatically compressed.

Among the many tools included are a tool to automatically sample the compression performance of the many different supported archive types, MIME/UUEncoding for file e-mailing, converting self extracting archives to regular archives, repairing damaged archives and recovering lost passwords on ZIP archives.

The product ships with an SDK/API which developers can use to create their own plug-ins and applications to work within the open specifications of the Codex Plug-In Technology.

98, NT, 2k, Me, XP, 95, 2003
This Microsoft Outlook add-on allows you to compress e-mail attachments. OutlookZIP integrates directly into the Outlook toolbar. It supports Outlook 2000 and newer versions. It does not work with Outlook Express. The created ZIP files can be open by standard ZIP programs, such as WinZip. OutlookZIP can also protect ZIP files with a password. It can also unblock same files types which are blocked by Outlook by default.
NT, 2k, Me, XP, 2003
This is a Windows version of the popular RAR compression format. It supports long file names and disk spanning, and can create self-extractable files.

The program even supports the ZIP compression format, for those who already have ZIP files.

WinRAR has a wizard mode that allows instant access to basic archiving functions through a simple question and answer procedure. You can send compressed files by e-mail.

Recovery volumes allow you to recover a completely missing volume from a multi-volume set.

98, NT, 2k, Me, XP
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