free online External Site Monitoring Services - Site monitoring internet service checks site availability at chosen intervals. Choose from 5 various monitoring packages; free trial. Capabilities include false alarm protection; https, secure e-mail server monitoring, SSH, and certificate verification.

Global Up Time - HTTP/HTTPS website monitoring service from Global Web Monitor; configurable frequency, alerting, and reporting options; false alarm protection. Server monitoring, website monitoring, network appliance monitoring, business transaction monitoring, port monitoring and port security monitoring.

webAlarm - Service from Moniforce, checks to verify that correct pages with correct content are displayed. Alerting by SMS (text message) and email. No false alarms due to extra checks.

HostedToolbox Service Monitoring - Hosted on-demand service from hostedLABS, LLC provides external monitoring of internet services. Monitor HTTP, HTTPS, DNS, SMTP, POP, IMAP, FTP, and other TCP connections (such as VPNs). Application andtransaction monitoring. Flexible alert routing and two levels of escalation. Handles multiple DNS entries (such as DNS round robin).

MrAlert - Free web site monitoring service from; Alert service and daily and monthly uptime reports available.

internetVista - Service from Lyncos remotely monitors web sites and Internet services for availability (http, https, smtp, ftp, pop, nntp, tcp). Notifications sent via email and SMS. Monitoring centers in U.S. and Europe. Free service also available, with limited features.

Host Tracker - Site monitoring service from Host Tracker; monitor an unlimited number of resources, distributed monitoring points, possible monitoring of CGI scripts’ operation, keyword presence control, can specify keywords by regular expressions, unlimited number of addresses for server error notifications, historical statistics.

AppMonitor - Transactional application monitoring service from Webmetrics. Simulates defined web transactions, such as customer logins and purchase order fulfillment, up to every five minutes to verify application availability and performance. Service includes full-page download of all page objects, breakdown of DNS, first byte and transfer times at various baud rates, alerting, performance reporting and benchmark comparisons. Also available is 'SiteMonitor' service for non-transactional websites.

Dotcom-Monitor - Web site monitoring and load testing services utilize multiple worldwide locations. Checks content and response times; provides reporting and notifications. Free 'Lifetime Lite' monitoring service available.

Vertain Monitoring Service - Services from Vertain Software include verification that web site is up and running and that users can complete multi-page transactions. Also available: Free service for up to six tests per day.

AlertBot - Monitoring service from InfoGenius, Inc. tests website availablity, performance, and alerts webmaster of downtime. Also provides ftp, http, pop3, snmp, https, smtp, ip, and dns server monitoring.

WebSitePulse - Remote web site and server monitoring service with instant alerts and real time reporting. Simulates end-user actions from multiple locations around the globe. Web transaction monitoring available. Free basic service available.

1stMonitor - Site monitoring service notifies when a web site is down or new content has been posted. Easy and simple to use. Email notification. Weekly and monthly reports; instant setup.

SiteTechnician - Service of SiteTechnician LLC, identifies broken links, analyzes accessibility, reports on search engine optimization, monitors page load times and provides eight reports to help manage changes to website content over time.

PingALink - Web site monitoring service from PingALink LLC; remotely monitors websites and other Internet protocol servers for availability and performance issues. Sends detailed error codes via pager, email, ICQ, etc. RFC compliant protocol checks assure valid monitoring. Extensive reporting.

AlertSite - Web site monitoring tools and services to ensure website is available and performing optimally. Immediate notification of problems via e-mail, pager, cell, or SMS. Comprehensive reporting.

elkMonitor - Service from Elk Fork Technologies for websites and other Internet servers; monitors availability and performance. Utilizing multiple test servers located on various Internet backbones, elkMonitor can alert users when sites or servers are unavailable or performing poorly. Alerts via email, pager or SMS alert.

WebPartner Test and Performance Center - Load testing, stress testing and transaction diagnostic tools from WebPartner for websites, J2EE & .NET web applications, and XML/SOAP web services. Includes a browser based script recorder that allows automatic test script creation. Available as a Hosted/ASP version, as downloadable software fro Windows, and as a Software Appliance.

AlertMeFirst - Service from Commerx Corp. reports on the performance and availability of a web site from customer's perspective; including experience with mail server, proxy server, transaction server, databases, etc. Flexible design allows changes to monitoring profile at any time and payment is required only for services used each day.

PureAgent - Service from Minq Software that monitors response times from the agent to a server, by replaying transactions at specified intervals. This includes static and dynamic web applications as well as other server applications. Capabilities include specifying limited access for certain users (such as historical stats only), encryption of stored scenarios, and viewing/downloading of raw XML definitions of Scenarios/Activities.

Spot-Check - Web site monitoring service from QualGuard to test how dial-up and broadband users experience a web site. Utilizes a distributed network of agents. Checks server response, page download time; takes into account location, ISP, and 'last-mile' phone line quality.

EControl Portal - Checks periodically on the availability, performance, and content of website, as well as e-mail, file transfer, and authorization processes; includes extended logging and dynamic statistical charting.

Dotcom-Monitor - External website monitoring/alerting/load testing service from Dana Consulting. Monitoring locations worldwide. Supports full-cycle sequential transactions; 'macro recorder' capabilities for setting up monitoring of complex web site processes such as online ordering; monitoring of sites, email and FTP services, DNS and router monitoring; includes a wide variety of online and downloadable reporting tools.

SiteGuardian - Site monitoring solution provides 24x7 monitoring of downtime, user experience, and application problems. Configururable notification method and intervals.

FarSight - Service from Empirix for URL and transaction monitoring in real time using data from a large number of nodes across multiple backbones worldwide. Provides HTML capture and performance data for every web page object. Also available is 'OneSight' service which provides a holistic view of an entire web infrastructure to optimize performance.

Patrol Express - Service from BMC Software continuously simulates and measures end-to-end customer web site experience. Monitors performance and availability of servers, applications and storage and network devices. Also monitors performance and availability of Web transactions. Compares performance and availability to user-defined goals.

WatchDog - Online website tracking and monitoring services from geared to small business web sites. Provides uptime and load time reports, downtime alerts, etc. Distributed monitoring from five U.S. sites.

QoS Manager - Agilent's service for monitoring performance and availability of internet, wireless, and wireline services; including performance, fault detection, reporting. Supports a variety of platforms.

SiteScope - Mercury's hosted Web-based monitoring service; agentless monitoring solution designed to ensure the availability and performance of distributed IT infrastructures including servers, operating systems, network devices, network services, applications.

Keynote Services - Hosted performance and availability monitoring services from Keynote systems. Includes capability to record critical transactions using self-service recorder to enable validation of data integrity of ongoing measurements.

ServerCheck - Service from NetMechanic/Keynote systems includes monitoring from multiple sites; capabilities include handling SSL.

External Site Monitoring Services
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