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Program Description Size Pic
Ass Sniffer 1.0.1 Finds infected IP`s 32 Y
AVP Signature Offset Finder (0.1.7) This tool will help you to find what signature/position AVP uses for detecting viruses, worms and trojans. By SennaSpy 28 N
Bintextscan Binary Text Scan 83 N
Blue Screen Simulates feared blue NT screen 24 N
Bound File Extractor turn a bound file back into separate files 8 N
Bundy 1.1 UDP Tool 488 Y
Creaser Adds bytes to files 15 N
Cokegift Joke program, opens Cd Rom 130 N
Connecter 1.0 let you connect to a computer and gather information about your connection to it. 14 Y
Dethor Crashes remote DT client 205 N
Dropper Maker Dropper Source Generator 0.1 23 Y
Elza 1.4.7 beta Elza is a script language, that allows you to write simple scripts that mimic HTTP clients,grabs dial up pw 84 N
E-mail Edition batches in exe 56 N
Exe Scan Detects packers, converters, compilers 70 N
Fake Trojans No danger, just for fun, no permanent infection X Y
Fruitcake Trojan Redirector 0.9.3 To catch commands that are exchanged between client and server 22 Y
Fuck Icq by HeLLfiReZ 7 N
Fyodor Tools Top 50 Tools x Y
Gravedad Flips the screen 2 N
Happy Browser Browser that looks for the most common security related vulnerabilities on NT-Servers (including Win95/98/2000), and give the user a lot of useful hints for exploiting or fixing them. 280 N
Hostile Java Hostile Java x Y
Icon Plus Changes icons 27 N
ICQ Info Reads out information stored in ICQ .DAT files. It works for ICQ 99a/b and 2000a 220 N
Lobo launches a "counter-attack" against scanning you for Back Orifice x N
Hotmail-exploit JavaScript exploit 1 N
MSADC Trojan text Trojan Run Script by bansh33 of r00tabega 2 Y
Netbuster 1.31 Fake NB server X Y
Netbus Buster Buster 1.0 by Leebros 66 N
Netbus Pro 2.x Cracker Turns off logging, by Int_13h 17 Y
Netbus Fake Window by Stinger 158 N
NetCrusher 1.0 Netbuster kill 47 N
Netnuke NB patch nuker by Stinger 159 N
Network Administrators Tool Network Administrators Tool for Analyzing and Sniffer Win2000 188 N
NT RootKit RootKits X N
Exploit Scan for Mirc by HeLLfiReZ 221 N
Osiris 1.3.0 It notices changes in files. NT and Unix 336 N
POF Passive OS fingerprinting tool version 1.7 15 N
Port Blocker Blocks and logs acces attempts 183 N
Project X2.0 Fake RM logon 24 N
Registry by SennaSpy How to change .exe, .com, .pif and .bat files entries in the registry 11 N
RID remote intrusion detector 120 N
RIP211 MIRC Tool ans scanner 7 N
Root Shell by Stinger 136 N
Sniffers Link to Network Sniffers Unix x Y
Sniffers and PortScanners Link x Y
SniffME Win 95/98 Packet Sniffer by PhilippP 54 N
Spider 1.16 See and remove hidden URL`s 325 N
Stealth Proxy Stealth Proxy 294 Y
Stealth Tools Stealth Tools X Y
Subseven Sniper Read and Change all server options. Win95/98/NT/2000 12 N
Swlabs Virus Trojan Creator 195 N
TCP Tool by Rhino9 16 N
TelDetect Find out victim`s patch 158 Y
Telnet Server Faker Fake Telnet Server 24 Y
The Saint 1.0 Fkke Sub7 205 Y
TOP 50 Security Tools By X Y
Trojan Port Activator 1.05 by Stinger 158 Y
TrayPing 141 Ping to see if remote is online 886 N
UIN to IP Finds IP from UIN by PhilippP 18 N
URL2DWORD convert URLS to DWORD 10 Y
Warning Simulates any error message 28 Y
Windows NT Root Kit Registry hiding and exe redirection X Y
Winzapper A tool that selectively erases event records from the Windows NT 4.0 and Windows 2000 security log 29 N
Yahoo! login Information stealer 8 N
Zombie Zapper 1.2 Against Trinoo, TFN and Stacheldraht NT 16 N

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