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ProxyWay is a free proxy server agent (proxy software) which you use together with your web browser to ensure your anonymity when you surf the Internet. ProxyWay shields your current connection when you visit websites, download files, or use web-based e-mail accounts. ProxyWay provides an extended proxy management system that enables you to search for proxies - proxy finder; check proxy servers for speed, anonymity, type - proxy checker; create proxy chains. Allows update proxy list automatically using scheduler. Lets you change proxies (cascades) per time, per connection or randomly. Also it can be used as a simple local proxy server.
Proxy+ is a firewall, proxy, and mail server designed to provide a complete solution of shared access to the Internet from a LAN. Proxy+ features advanced sorting of incoming messages and advanced caching of Web pages. Version 2.20 added an uninstall feature, a full SMTP mail server, proxy cascading by ICP protocol, new documentation, and Socks server support for ICQ. Version 2.50 added enhanced downloading and sorting of mail from POP3 mailboxes, the ability to authenticate a user in a Web browser, and prevention from abusing security bugs in MS Outlook and Outlook Express. This update features minor enhancements and bug fixes
Proxy is a remote-control program that lets you fully view and operate any PC on your IPX or IP LAN/WAN remotely. With Proxy, you can gain full control of any PC for diagnosing and resolving users' computing problems, reconfiguring and rebooting devices on the network, and even monitoring such critical devices as rack-mounted processors and print servers. If you support networks at other sites, you can run Proxy over a dial-in connection you've established to a remote access server and provide required support cost-effectively. The included Proxy Master lets you view and operate other PCs from your own computer, while Proxy Host runs on the PC you want to command. This version adds support for strong Windows authentication and Windows XP.

Bypass Proxy Client is the complete online privacy tool. Put an end to blocking filters, firewalls, and proxies. Turn any browser into a discreet tool for safe and secure private viewing. Protect all data traffic from Internet snooping. This 100% Java client supports most Internet protocols plus SOCKS4 and SOCKS5 networking. In addition, the client allows for direct network tunneling with an exclusive proxy-tunneling feature. Surf, chat, read news boards, and get your e-mail from anywhere. Supports most OSes and works with standard HTTP and SOCKS proxy servers.

Check Proxy Professional will help you to find an anonymous proxy server. For each proxy server Check Proxy Professional will determine if the proxy is transparent or not. Check Proxy Professional will help you to find a fastest proxy server. The Internet Service Provider transfer speed you use may be very slow. Connecting to a fast proxy may speed up your connection times considerably. Check Proxy Professional is blazing fast. It requires less CPU/network resources than regular proxy checking software.

BrowseGate3 is a very powerful, yet low cost NAT/Proxy/Firewall system designed to work in any network environment from the 2 PC Home network right through to the the largest business network. It offers automatic on-demand Internet access to all network users via a single PC and can be used with modems, ISDN, ADSL, cable modems or other fixed connections. BrowseGate can be installed on any W95/98/ME/W2K or NT4 PC and does not require a dedicated machine for the smaller network installations. Under W2K and NT4 BrowseGate3 does of course run as a service. BrowseGate 3 offers full NAT connectivity, provides Port Address translation (PAT), and has a full caching web proxy for HTTP and HTTPS and also a SOCKS5 proxy. It even has it's own built-in caching DNS server, DHCP server, and fully configurable 'Stealth' firewall to protect your network from illegal intrusions. In addition to all the above, it offers has a powerful rules system, a Blacklist system for both web sites and user specified 'Words' and a web site limiting system

Vox Proxy is authorware for PowerPoint that allows 3D talking animated characters within slide shows. Appears on PowerPoint's main menu and provides editing side-by-side with slides. Automated script-writing provides full control of PowerPoint, allowing the use of characters for live presentations or fully-automated tutorials, demos, or training programs. Uses Microsoft Agent technology.

Version 3.09 contains support for the PowerPoint 2003 Viewer and an optional highly automated "prepare for CD" feature called CD Prep, allowing self-contained auto-starting CD's.

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Check any proxy types: HTTP, HTTPS (CONNECT), SOCKS 4, and SOCKS 5 proxy servers. It uses any format of proxy lists (including text/HTML); checks proxy lists of any size; checks proxies anywhere (for example, inside a corporate network with a corporate proxy that doesn't support proxy chaining

Program checks HTTPS (CONNECT) and SOCKS 4 / SOCKS 5 proxy lists and is able to understand TXT and HTML file formats (you can check proxies in downloaded Web pages). Program supports multi-threading (can check many proxies simultaneously). Checks proxy lists of any sizes. The program has links to fresh SOCKS proxy lists. Version 1.3.1 may include unspecified updates, enhancements, or bug fixes

Proxy Changer is a windows program that runs in the system tray and allows you to quickly change between proxy servers, or to quickly change proxy settings. Simply setup proxy servers in the program and set one as default and one as an alternate to be able to quickly switch between them. Can also enable and disable proxy, set to automatically detect settings, or to use the automatic configuration setting, all from the system tray within a few clicks. Ideal for users who use a laptop between home and work, or for anyone who needs to quickly and effortlessly be able to change a proxy setting in IE. All settings are changed on the fly without the need to restart Internet Explorer

The Zaval Proxy Suite is an easy-to-use solution that allows monitoring TCP-based protocols, such as HTTP, NNTP, and others. It is extremely useful in software development and can be used as a debug tool. Another area of appliance is multiple connections logging with proxy facilities. As soon as it's a pure java solution it can be used almost everywhere

Saves visited Web pages with your browser to be used on- and offline. Offline each page is available with its original URL. There is no difference between surfing in the Internet or archive. You can even use your bookmarks offline. Efficient use of the archive by marking and highlighting words. This proxy offline browser allows mobile users to access Internet information when they don't have Internet access.

WebWarper is a free Web service that:
Saves traffic in 2-3 times: textual part of all pages is compressed using gzip
Provides antivirus protection!
Assures anonymity: your IP address becomes invisible for most cases
Accelerates your access to sites

MultiProxy is a multifunctional personal proxy server that protects your privacy while on the Internet as well as speeds up your downloads, especially if you are trying to get several files form overseas or from otherwise rather slow server. It can also completely hide your IP address by dynamically connecting to non-transparent anonymizing public proxy servers. You can also test a list of proxy servers and sort them by connection speed and level of anonimity.

Proxy Sniffer is a professional, Web load and stress testing tool with an intuitive user-friendly interface. It permits you to analyze the performance characteristics and the stability of your Web server under various load conditions and to tune Web applications. The built-in Websurfing session recorder enables capturing all data between any Web browser and the Web application server(s). This allows a detailed analysis of all exchanged data that can be used to tune the content and the size of the Web pages.
Thereafter an exact copy of a recorded Websurfing session can be transformed automatically into a Java load test program which can be easily compiled and executed by using the GUI interface. All measured performance data and all occurred errors during a load test-run are stored inside a single result file, from which consolidated detailed statistics and diagrams can be created.