This application requires that the pre-designated USB Flash drive be inserted to access information on the computer. If the pre-designated USB Flash Drive is not inserted, the system will not load Windows XP. During operation, removal of the predesignated USB Flash drive will secure the system, displaying a "Protected by C'lock" screen until the pre-designated USB Flash dDrive is re-inserted. Password protection is available as an additional level of access control security as are biometric devices such as fingerprint and iris readers
Lock and unlock your computer without passwords. CX-KEY lets you lock any XP computer with at least one available USB port by using a flash drive, MP3 player, digital camera, or other removable storage devices as the key
This program allows you to protect desktops easily. Restrict access to system settings and keep your desktop tightly secured from a simple interface
98, NT, 2k, Me, XP, 95
Compel yourself or your child to take a break from the computer with Lock&Rest. The program locks the system from time to time with a fix uncloseable window. The program cannot be closed using the task manager
98, NT, Me, XP, 95, 2003
This software locks and protects your computer when you are away from it. You simply enter the password to unlock the computer. The program will also lock the computer after incorrect shutdown procedures, and it can log failed login attempts
98, Me, 95
This is a small security program which allows you to hide information that would otherwise be in plain view. Whether you are hiding windows with the push of a button or hiding the desktop and taskbar, this program may come in handy.

Also, there is an option to hard lock your computer with password protection so when you're away, your work will not be seen.

98, NT, 2k, Me
System Locking
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