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Program Description
Testing Data for Network Scanners external link
7th Sphere 1.1 Port Scanner
7th Sphere 1.2 basic Port Scanner
Big Brother vulnerability scanner Vulnerability Scanner
BitchinThreads 3.1 IP Scanner
Bo Ping Back Orifice pinger
Bo Ping 2.0 Back Orifice pinger
Bus Conquerer 1.2 NetBus hack
Bus Drive NetBus hack
Chaos Port Scanner
Chaser Trojan Scanner for UDP
ColdFusion Cold Fusion Scanner
Dark Pain 2.2 Port Scanner
DJ Scan Mirc Scanner by Dark_Jello
Domain Scan 1.0 Scan IP scanner
DScan portscanner that distributes the scan among dozens of hosts
Fire Ball Trojan Scanner
Hack City Port Scanner
HF Echo Mirc Scanner by HeLLfiReZ
Hem Scan Port Scanner
IDLEScan IP Scanner, faking origin. Linux
IPSweeper Trojan IP Scanner
Larva IP Scanner by Rhino9
Nemesis1.1 RAT Scanner
NESSUS Network Security Scanner
Netcat 1.10 for NT Vulnerabilities Scanner
Net Snooper Trojan Scanner
Orion Hunter IP Scanner
Port Search Port Scanner
SMB Scanner Share Scanner
Super Scan 3.0 IP Scanner
Trojan Hunter 1.5 Trojan Scanner by Blade
VLAD Free, open source tool that checks for the common security vulnerabilities on the SANS Top Ten list. Unix/Linux
Voideye Vulnerabilities, proxy
Webtrends Security Analyzer checks 1000 Vulnerabilities
Wingate Scan 3.0 Wingate Scanner
X-Scanner 0.7 IP Scanner

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