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Program Description
Open source search engine external link
Reverse-Engineering Malware by Lenny Zeltser
The Decompilation Wiki external link
process hiding for NT in asm by Aphex
Stealth DLL Injection by Aphex
Tutor DLL Injection (assembler tutorial included) by Nasser Remy Rowhani
Dropper Source Generator 0.1 Tool
Vulnerabilities in your code (pdf) Tutorial
Reverse Engineering Malware Tool
A Buffer Overflow Study Attacks&Defenses (PDF). by Pierre-Alain Fayolle, Vincent Glaume
Writing Buffer Overflow Exploits a Tutorial for Beginners
How To Write an NT Service in VB5 Tutorial
Fravia Reverse Engineering Malware
How to code sockets under windows using asm. Tutorial
Code Red II disasembly Tutorial
How to make a Dropper in C by Stan. Tutorial
How to make a Dropper in C, ASM, and Delphiby Tutorial
Top Hackzone Lot of Programming Sites
The Compilers resources page Compilers with Sources
Open Source For Linux
Open Source For Perl
Optimize Optimise your code
Using Internet Sockets Beej's Guide to Network Programming
Raw sockets Tutorial A brief programming tutorial in C for raw sockets
Winsock Programmer's FAQ Winsock Programmer's FAQ. How can I open a raw data socket?
Assembler Beginners Tutorial
Assembler Beginners Tutorial II
Backdooring Backdooring binaries
Win32 Asm Lord Lucifer
Delphi Knowlege base Chuck's Delphi Knowledgebase
Delphi Borland Delphi
Delphi Positron Delphi Page
Delphi The Delphi Super Page
Delphi Torry`s Delphi Page
Delphi Top Sites TOP 219 DELPHI SITES
Pebundle PEBundle physically attaches DLL(s) to an executable
ProTools Programmer Tools
Sources Trojan Sources
Hostile Java Hostile Java
Earth Web Developer
Programming Tools Lot of Tools
Programms Heaven It is all here
SoftIce/WinIce For Newbies Tutorial
Assembly Assembly for Beginners
How to build a Trojan by Wax
How to build a Trojan Part 2 by Wax
VB auto update support by Senna Spy
Windows Registry structure explanation by B.D.
Win32ASM Community Bulletin Board

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