This utility provides automated solutions to bug and virus problems over the Internet, without compromising your privacy
98, NT, 2k, Me, XP
This program allows you to tweak visibility and users desktop, control panel and start menu.
98, NT, 2k, Me, XP, 95
This program searches the Windows registry for invalid entries. EasyCleaner also lets you delete unnecessary files including temporary and backup files. You can search for duplicate files and manage startup programs, invalid shortcuts and the add/remove software list
98, NT, 2k, Me, XP, 95, 2003
This is a system maintenance program for network managers and administrators. The program supports real-time software rollout, software license management and computer monitoring functions. Real-time software, hardware and runtime inventories can be directed to a database. The operator will have a true view of their computer estate and is able to action tasks to all or some of their computers in real time.
98, NT, 2k, Me, XP, 95, 2003
View, monitor and analyze events recorded in the security, system, application and other logs of Microsoft Windows with Event Log Explorer
NT, 2k, XP, 2003
Manage Windows processes on your computer. You can set stop lists for spyware, adware and virus programs that will be automatically killed. As an option, the program can notify you when new processes are started
98, 2k, Me, XP
This small application lets you monitor your hard disk space from your system tray. Its very simple and is designed for people wanting a fast, professional-looking application to monitor their disk usage from professional workstations to large servers with many hard disks.
Delete unnecessary user profiles on local or remote computers running Windows NT4, 2000 XP and 2003
98, 2k, Me, XP, 95, 2003
This is an uninstaller, junk file eliminator, trace remover, task manager, file splitter and folder size viewer. You can also use it to format floppy disks and shred files.
NT, 2k, XP
This program adds extra items to Windows Explorer context menu to control file and folder attributes, to iconize the tasks in the task bar and to ungroup them if you wish.

You can also make any program or file run with a short name and create system command shortcuts

2k, XP
Windows Maintenance
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